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Aluminium Windows Its Types Advantages and Disadvantages | Benefits of Aluminium Window
Aluminium windows are quite popular these days. They look good, durable, easy to maintain, and as creative as you want. These windows are light in weight, perfectly weather-resistant, and also increase the energy efficiency of your premise to a great extent. Presently, architects do prefer aluminium for its aesthetics insulation power, color friendliness, and many other handy benefits.
Let’s watch here why aluminium windows are much ahead in the popularity quotient. But before that, let’s take a quick look at wooden doors and windows, which were traditionally most popular in use for making windows and doors.
Like most other building components, windows and doors have evolved over the years. Windows are now made not only from wood but also from aluminium, steel, vinyl, and fiberglass. Additionally, two materials are often combined in the same window to take advantage of their different properties. However, aluminium is by far the most commonly used window material today. So, let us understand aluminium windows in detail.