Awnings Vs Louvre Windows: What’s The Difference

Many people have awnings on their houses, but they may not know that there is a significant difference between louvre windows and domestic louvres. If you want to be fully informed about your options then read on!

A domestic louvre window consists of one big panel with small wooden slats extending from it. They are mainly used as ventilation, and can be opened to let in a breeze or to release heat. They are not very common in the UK, but can be found in warmer countries.

Louvre windows, on the other hand, are made up of several panels with evenly spaced slats. They provide more privacy than domestic louvres, but are not very good at ventilation. These windows look a lot like domestic louvre windows, and in fact domestic louvre windows can be made to look like louvre windows.

The main difference between domestic louvres and louvre windows is that domestic louvres provide better ventilation, while louvre windows offer more privacy. This is because domestic louvres are open plan, while louvre windows have smaller panels that provide privacy when needed.

Both types of window can be made in aluminium or PVC. You will notice the price difference when choosing these options for your home – domestic louvres tend to be cheaper than louvre windows. This is because domestic louvres are not as popular, so the manufacturers do not have to compete with the prices of louvre windows.

So, what type of window should you choose for your home? If you want good ventilation then domestic louvres are the best option. If you want more privacy, then louvre windows are a better choice. Whichever option you choose, make sure you get a good quality window that will last for many years.