Why Louvre Windows Are A Good Choice

Many Australian homeowners are discovering why louvre windows are a good choice. These windows are made up of horizontal blades or slats – besides aluminium, the blades can also be constructed of glass, wood or other materials.

The blades of louvre windows are angled or slanted so that they can let in air and light, while keeping out harsh sunlight and rain. To adjust the blades, simply use the lever or handle. If you’re considering louvre windows for your home, here are some of their benefits.

First and foremost, domestic louvre windows offer great insulation and can help you save on your energy bills. Louvres can be opened and closed to control the amount of air that enters your home, making it a great choice for climates with extreme temperatures.

Additionally, domestic louvre windows are not affected by high winds. Louvres may be opened and shut to allow airflow without worrying about wind entering your house and tearing the domestic louvre windows off their hinges.

Domestic louvre windows can also help you save money because they make your home easier to clean, as most domestic louvre windows open outwards rather than inwards. This means that you can clean the windows from the outside without having to climb up a ladder or use specialised cleaning equipment.

So, domestic louvre windows offer many benefits, including insulation, wind protection, easy cleaning and cost savings.