How To Clean Louvre Windows | Easy | Fast | No Streaks

Cleaning Louvre Windows or glass slats may look a bit difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Louvre windows always catch dust but this cleaning process will help you clean yours with sparkling results.

It is important that you are careful with Louvre windows. You won’t break them but you can cut yourself if you rush the job.

To get that streak free finish, clean and dry each slat before moving onto the next. If you let them dry by themselves, they will look pretty average.

For higher windows, play it safe and use a good step ladder. Don’t over reach or you can risk injury.

These windows were a little mouldy, so I added OzKleen’s Mould Power to the dishwashing liquid spray. This is an enviro friendly mould killer and it was important that I killed those pesky mouldy bities.

Be patient, don’t rush. ‘Karate kid’ it with the ‘wipe on wipe off’ process and make sure you check your work.

Good luck with your cleaning.


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The main products I use for cleaning windows:

Dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle with water – any one will do but here I am using a personal favourite – OzKleen’s Dish Power (it’s good stuff and totally Aussie! –

You can use a glass cleaner, but I prefer something that cuts through dirt and grime.

To kill mould this time I added OzKleen’s Mould Power to the spray. About a third of it was Mould Power. A few drops of Clove Oil or some white vinegar are also safe ways to kill mould spores.

A wet microfibre cloth and a dry lint free cotton cloth to dry it. If you have a lot of louvres to clean then having a few of each is a good idea (it is no use trying to dry something streak free if you are using a wet cloth!!).

BTW – This is not a sponsored video. I only recommend products that work for me and in most cases I get them from the supermarket – just like you.


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