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King Island Racing Club


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19 Aug 2019

Posted by: Audrey Hamer KIRC President

We are looking for a new on course race day photographer as Chelsea Neely is no longer able to do it for us unfortunately as she did a fantastic job. If you have the correct camera set up and software to take and print up photo finish photos etc., please contact me for more details. It is a paid job.


Cheers Audrey.


KIRC Updates

19 Aug 2019

Posted by: Audrey Hamer KIRC President

We are needing a Clerk of the Course with a suitable horse to help out at our up coming season please. If you are interested and make the requirements please contact me. 

Cheers Audrey.



2019/20 Race Season


EAT YOUR BEEF DAY - 30 Nov 2019


BOXING DAY - 26 Dec 2019

CUP DAY - 1 Jan 2020

KI DAIRY DAY - 11 Jan 2020

MARITIME DAY - 18 Jan 2020

VORTEX FLY IN DAY - 25 Jan 2020

Welcome to the King Island Racing Club


Country racing always has a story to tell, but none like King Islands. Situated in the middle of the Western Entrance  to Bass Strait. The King Island Racing Club Inc should logistically not have survived it's 125 years of racing.

In 1892 the winner's cheque was paid in wallaby skins, a form of currency in those days, the jockeys were predominately the owner, his son or worker for the owner.

These days, they fly in the stewards, jockeys and bookmakers. The drivers for the Pacing are local owners/trainers.

Every September, as the sun unfolds over Bass Strait, it is not just the dairy farmers that are out and about, 80 odd horses are in work, preparing for the summer racing carnival.

Rather uniquely, King Island's race programs are dual code; a mix of gallopers and pacers which both race on the one mile grass track. A number of clubs throughout the world could lay claim to staging dual meets, but it is unlikely many of them would have them both running on grass.

The main thrust of King Island Racing is having fun. Always has been, always will be. Our race club would not have survived the past century if racegoers didn't have one helluva good time!

Vortex Fly-In day is the last race day on our calendar, why not come, see what all the fuss is about.

Check out this week's winners on our Facebook page!

Corporate Sponsors

2018 -2019

The King Island Racing Club would like to thank all corporate sponsors for their generous support over our 2018/2019 racing carnival.

Corporate Sponsors for  2018/2019:

  • JBS Australia, Tom Wilshire Memorial, Hodge Transport, Elders Rural, King Island Butchery/
    Eat Group

  • S & J Muir Memorial, LD Hamer Memorial, King Island Car Rental, Gowans Toyota Motor Group, Shine Retail Therapy, King Island Stockfeeds,
    King Island Motors

  • Boomerang By The Sea, VT & GV Hill Memorial, Ocean Dunes/King Island Hotel, King Island IGA Plus Liquor, MF Best/RN Morrison Memorial,
    JJ Keys Memorial, King Island Coach Company

  • King Island Bakehouse, Ocean Dunes Golf Course, Cataraqui Angus, Jim Alexander Memorial, Boags, Jim McKenzie Agencies, Bruce & Betty Clarke Memorial

  • SWA Water, Norm England Services/KI Dairy Social Club, Coastal Physiotherapy, King Island Dairy, DSM Foods, King Island Constructions

  • Page Transport, King Island Seafoods, Ern Chitts, Tasports Corporation, Bass Island Line, William Adams Cat, Hardings Hotmix

  • TRT Pastoral, Vortex, Newmans Home Furnishing, McKenzie/Clarke Memorial, Tasfast, McCallum Inglis, Col Cutter Memorial

New sponsors are always welcome....

Things to see and do on King Island

King Island is anchored in the

middle of the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania’s North West coast.


Surrounded by some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, King Island imports the world’s best surfers and exports produce sought by the world’s top chefs.


Succulent beef, rich gourmet cheese and crayfish plucked from the Island’s crystal clear waters are but three of the delicacies you can enjoy on your visit.


While the prospect of unwinding in this quiet, peaceful paradise may be what attracts our visitors it is the people they meet while here who encourage their return.


King Islanders are unbelievably friendly and welcoming while also blunt and funny. If you want prissy go elsewhere.


If you want pristine come to King Island.